BOOM~> Is #Obama Waging Psychological Warfare on Americans? suggested by @sassyandcowgirl #tcot

BOOM~> Is #Obama Waging Psychological Warfare on Americans? #tcot By Dr. Keith Ablow – Published June 03, 2013 – FoxNews I believe that the Obama administration is conducting psychological warfare on conservative Americans. Not only that but it is also waging this war on all Americans who previously viewed themselves, their country, their Constitution and […]

MUST READ THIS~> An Open Letter to President #Obama from Bill #Ayers #tcot

An Open Letter to President Obama from Bill Ayers   Dear President Obama: Congratulations! I’m sure this is a moment you want to savor, a time to take a deep breath, get some rest, hydrate, regain your balance, and take a long walk in the sunshine. It might be as well a good time to reflect, […]

THE SPINNERS~> What Did #Axelrod and #Jarrett Know? #tcot

What Did Axelrod and Jarrett Know?   Pick Obama’s Brain By Paul Kengor, The American Spectator What did Axelrod and Jarrett know? It’s fascinating that David Axelrod suddenly appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday to give his spin on the scandal eruption emanating from the Obama administration right now. On the Department of Justice and […]

Pay VERY Close Attention to this Guy Jon #Carson He is in the Shadows Working. Head of #Obama #OFA #tcot READ This~>

Jon Carson – Bio Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Jon Carson (left) is Deputy Assistant to President Barack Obama and Director of the Office of Public Engagement. Derivative Photo created by Hugh Pickens Please read our copyright notice before using this photo or material from this article without permission or attribution. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Jon […]

Exclusive: #Hillary’s #Benghazi ‘Scapegoat’ Speaks Out #tcot

Exclusive: Hillary’s Benghazi ‘Scapegoat’ Speaks Out by Josh Rogin May 20, 2013 2:53 PM EDT Raymond Maxwell, the only official at the State Department’s bureau of Near Eastern Affairs to lose his job after the attacks, tells Josh Rogin that he’s been scapegoated by Hillary Clinton’s team. Following the attack in Benghazi, Libya, senior State […]

More Than You Want to Know But What You Need to Know~> Introducing George #Soros #tcot

INTRODUCING GEORGE SOROS Article From~> Multi-billionaire funder of leftwing causes and groups Founder of the Open Society Institute The prime mover behind the Democratic “Shadow Party” network See also: Guide to the George Soros Network   Organizations Funded by George Soros and his Open Society Institute The Shared Agendas of George Soros and Barack Obama […]