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Watch Out, Speaker, Obama Still Channeling Saul Alinsky

Posted 11/15/2012

Comity: The president is feigning when he says, “I’m hoping to compromise” with Republicans. It’s a trap. His mentors counseled to never compromise with “the enemy.”

‘Reconciliation’ means that when one side gets the power and the other side gets reconciled to it, then we have reconciliation,” wrote the father of community organizing, Chicago socialist Saul Alinsky, in “Rules for Radicals,” the organizing handbook Obama trained by.

It’s clear from Obama’s indignant tone at Wednesday’s press conference that he has no intention of reconciling differences with Republicans over fiscal policy.

He’s also feigning when he says he wants to work with business leaders to create jobs. If this were true, he wouldn’t have locked Wall Street bankers out of his White House summit Wednesday.

He snubbed them because they, like Republicans, are “our enemies” who are “always immoral,” as his late mentor Alinsky warned. “The target,” he asserted, “should be the banks.”

Reiterated Alinskyite Jerry Kellman, Obama’s South Side Chicago trainer: “The real enemy (are) the investment bankers.”

Alinsky explained that banks are the lifeblood of the evil “corporate sector,” with its “predatory drive for profit,” and that lifeblood — capital — must be redistributed to the public sector. “The revolution must manifest itself in the corporate sector,” he said.

“The corporations must forget their nonsense about ‘private sectors,'” he added. “Every American individual or corporation is public,” and therefore has a duty to fund the common weal, to donate their profits to eliminating “poverty, discrimination, disease” and “pollution.”

Corporations, Alinsky warned, “had better recognize this for the sake of their own survival.”

“A major revolution to be won in the immediate future is the dissipation of man’s illusion that his own welfare can be separate from that of all others,” Alinsky told his radical vanguard.

Sound familiar? No? Maybe this will:

“The fact is that it is not man’s ‘better nature’ but his self-interest that demands that he be his brother’s keeper,” Alinsky said. “If he does not share his bread, he dare not sleep, for his neighbor will kill him,” he added. “He is beginning to learn that he will either share part of his material wealth or lose all of it.”

Hear that Wall Street? Because the “speculation tax” is coming.

This isn’t your Bill Clinton Democrat back in the Oval Office, one who’ll listen to reason, compromise, cut a deal. No, this is a different Democrat entirely, far more radical, much more doctrinaire in his leftist beliefs. And now very angry, seeking “revenge.”

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