Defeating the Left – How To Defeat Alinsky Rules – Part I

How To Defeat Alinsky Rules – Part I

What are Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals? Why are they important? How can they be countered?

Liberals, radicals and progressives use these rules against conservatives and mainstream America on a daily basis, without people being aware of how they are being manipulated by it. The left has a co-ordinated approach to political activism. By simply conforming to these rules, intentionally for many, subconsciously by others, liberals and socialists are working from a game plan that is effective simply because of its relentlessness. A ceaseless unresting effort that works by wearing down resistance and winning the little battles of attrition.

Meanwhile, many conservatives remain purists. They wouldn’t hold their nose and vote for McCain and look where it got them – Obamaland. Because of their purity, they allowed the country to slip further away from their ideal. Many won’t get dirty in the fight with liberalism believing it is beneath them. Or they feel that if you have to get nasty to win, you’ve foregone your principles and lost anyway. Again it’s a matter of purity. Politics and purity are anathema to each other. You don’t need to get dirty but you need to be willing to vote for the guy who is willing to fight hard, and mix it up with the opposition. And if he’s not your guy, he’s not perfect on every issue, or he’s made some personal attacks on his opponent, but he’s the more conservative candidate in the election – vote for him. [That’s not a ‘get out of jail free card’ for RINOs. You have more conservative options in a primary – fight for them then.]

Liberals are constantly trying to move the center further left. Conservatives are not doing the opposite with the same singularity of purpose. Consequently, without a game changing Reagan or Contract with America, the battle favors the barrage. In other words, those in the middle and the inattentive, will head left because the constant dripping water torture of liberal diatribe. The constant pushing of morality in a particular direction requires a constant counter force to oppose it. But there isn’t one.

What then, can be done to inoculate America against this virus? After all, if ever there were a pandemic, this would be it – the L1A1 virus (Liberal-1-Alinsky-1). Anti-Alinsky Rules are needed for ordinary Americans to prevent further infection and spread of the contagion.

THE RULES HERE >>>> via Nonsensible Shoes: How To Defeat Alinsky Rules – Part I.


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