America’s Silent Attack – Random Thoughts – A Work in Progress Part 1 #tcot

America’s Silent Attack – Random Thoughts – A Work in Progress Part 1

25 November 2012

I’m not much of a Conspiracy guy, never have been. I pride myself in trying to look at all sides of an issue from a factual common sense perspective. There have been and always will be theories of some sort or the other. My focus here is to attempt to separate some factual information that may be of some real use to many of us that have concerns of where our country is headed.

For the record all thoughts are mine based on my experiences. I am not a writer or author so if you approach this as an editor, don’t. If you are concerned with spelling, grammar and such you might as well move on. This writing is not for you and you’ll miss the message.

First a little background about me for what it’s worth. I grew up in the 50s and 60s in an era that was basically considered good times for America by most accounts. WWII and the Korean War were over and the country went into high gear with a bright future and America was on the rise. The era of “Baby Boomers” had begun.

As time progressed into the 60s a new progressive thinking also began, it was a time of renewed creativity and exploration. A new culture of Americans was forming and taking shape in a number of different forms. There were the new rebellious elitist intellects on one hand, and the anti conformist beatniks on the other, the majority of the latter eventually transformed into the hippie generation. Of course there were the other groups of people forming as well but my focus is more these two.

Now in the 60s the cold war was now in full swing and communism was the hot topic. As a child in school we had the “Nuclear” drills know as “Duck and Cover” and on TV, the new national media, had regular Civil Defense test alerts and ads. Personal bomb shelters were the fad and the news was full of stories about the communist “REDS”. We knew who the enemy was and what they believed for the most part.

Of course we had our issues; the Civil Rights movement was in full process. Women’s rights issues were getting hotter each day and looming out there was this place called Viet Nam that the French were now losing control of. But still all in all a positive America seemed to be developing and this newer generation began to have a voice for change. There was resistance from numerous different groups of people, some good some bad, which one would expect.

In the mid 60s JFK became president, a young guy full of charisma with a grand vision for America. Surprisingly the majority of Americans supported him on both sides of the aisle. We know now he wasn’t all he appeared to be but that’s another story. As a president he initiated some great American programs such as NASA and dealt with a major world event, the Cuban Missile crisis, which may have been a turning point in the cold war. America came very close to having and encounter with Russia that October and we were all on pins and needles.  Then a year later the JKFs assassination was a major blow to young and old alike. This was major turning point for America, a very dark day that had a major impact.

Now the mid and later 60s the Viet Nam war was rolling. America had taken the lead role from the French in the effort to stop the spread of Communism. The anti war protest brought together the elitist, the intellects, and hippies together for a cause they all grasped immediately. This was leading quickly to anti-establishment, the freedom of self expression, do your own thing and a new world order. Liberalism and progressivism was quickly taking hold. Think tanks and communes became a cool idea where you could go without anyone’s rules but your own and be “creative” doing your thing.  One protest led to another and another and on and on. In the 70s and 80s the grown up baby boomer protesters laid on the railroad tracks in protest of nuclear waste shipments across America. The environmentalist, animal rights, world peace and other “for all” organizations came from the 60’s movements.

So where did I fit in. Personally I was a bit rebellious and chose my paths by whatever seemed to piss off people the most, probably not the best approach. I was a hippie; full-fledged, long haired, purple fringed jacket, tried to make it to Woodstock hippie. When my buddies started getting drafted and coming home to the protest against them and the war something clicked in me. I was never against the war and the protesters had really pissed me off, my heritage kicked in. My dad was a WWII Navy vet and my family was not short on patriotism. I could not enlist and they would not draft me due to an only son rule at that particular time. Eventually in the mid 70s I was able to fulfill my heritage and enlisted in the USAF shortly after the fall of Saigon. The” Nuclear” cold war was in high gear primarily with Russia and the growing giant China.

Mind you all this time the Islamic / Muslim countries were not even a topic in regular America and hardly known by most. They were all busy fighting each other. There were only a few occasions where we Americans were exposed such as the 70s Munich Olympics, later on the Iran Hostage Crisis and the Libya air strike. There were scattered terrorist attacks, some very serious but they were over there, far and away. All in the headlines for awhile then gone until 80s when American became one of the primary targets. With the attack on the Beirut Barracks, Lebanon, Lockerbie, USS Cole and others we started to open our eyes. However incognito there was a major migration taking place into other countries including America. We will get to this a little later.

Meanwhile within America the progressive liberal movement was rapidly growing and without any real concern. After all it was progressive and progress was a good thing, right. The higher education system was now filled with the “self expression” liberalism and eccentrics that had started back in the 60s. The other movement growing was socialism, alone and within the liberal movement. The Socialism movement was always here but now there was a perfect fit where it could multiply unknowingly within the liberal “free thinking” “self absorbed” progressive movement. Socialism should not be confused with Communism. Socialism will lead to Communism or can it stand alone.

Now enter the late 70s and early 80s. This is where America started to see the GOD challenge, that is questioning the very existence of God by the progressive thinkers, eccentric and scientist. Ever present today the ongoing “Creation” theory vs. the “Big Bang” theory. The self help craze was here and the “You are in control of your own destiny” was the war cry. The “You” meaning you alone without help from anyone or anything especially God. The exception may be that progressive therapist or educator that “You” depended on to tell you that you were in charge of your destiny. And so here begins the mass hypocrisy of do as I say not as I do. The closet atheist and agnostics had finally gotten a voice in this progressive liberal environment where they could justify or excuse themselves as being fact based. Of course we all know the same debate continues to this day and the number of atheist and agnostics is still growing in the progressive liberal environment.

Another sign of the times was the introduction of “Political Correctness” in the 80s and 90s. All of the sudden there was something wrong with you if you didn’t say it just right or act in a particular “acceptable” manner. Words and actions took on new meanings and to this day that continues. People began to stop communicating in the normal fashion in fear of saying something wrong or being corrected on correctness. The education system began to reinforce the PC movement. This not to say that there have been some slang or actions that needed improvement or to cease, however, as with everything in the progressive liberal movement it was expanded pushed into everything and everywhere. You may recall that the Blind have now become Visually Impaired, Firemen have Fire Fighters and Garbage men / women became “Waste Engineers” and on. As if some of it really made any difference. The Visually Impaired in fact are Blind and Garbage men / women are still deal with garbage and get paid a lot of money. Unions are another topic.

Fast forward to the last ten years or so. The social progressive liberalism movement is here front and center. It has been silently growing all around us in every shape and form for decades. I am not trying to put “Social” in a negative light because there is a great need for social programs and groups. However we are talking about a totally different animal here. This is the melding of “Socialism” with “Progressive Liberalism” that has an agenda that goes against the human social aspects of America. The unfortunate aspect of this is that many of those involved are totally unaware that they are involved because it has taken place over years in slow and meticulous fashion. It is widespread throughout the education system, business and media. It feeds upon itself to grow.

So here we are today. The newer generation is fully immersed in the movements without a hitch. The main stream media a willing player in the story they tell. As far as they are concerned this is the way it. It’s about here and now, it’s all about the “me” and if you don’t like it that’s too bad. Your “me” doesn’t matter unless you’re one of them and you share the agenda, the “social and progressive” ideology and philosophy.

Now here’s the scary two parts of all my random thoughts, the bottom line, the no BS truth not conspiracy, not a theory.

“Socialism” is alive and well in America. There are hardcore bonafide groups, charters and organizations on record. They have infiltrated America in all aspects to include education, business and religion. There are many involved that don’t have a clue as mentioned above that have been mentored by the old timers from the 50s, 60s and 70s. One of the most frightening aspects of Socialism is the leaders don’t make any announcements; they slowly inject the philosophy into the unknowing public. That’s how it has always worked. Remember the Cold War, remember the terms brainwashing and / or conditioning. The Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, a progressive, well known for Pavlov’s Law proved how conditioning was accomplished with his experiments with animals.

“Creeping Sharia” is also alive and well in America. Remember I said we’d get to the Islamic Muslim aspect of this. First I want to be clear that I have nothing against Muslim people; there are millions of good people around the world of this faith. The concerns are those that have taken it to the Jihad level or the Radical Islamic groups. On 9/11 America was introduced in a big way to Jihad. As tragic as that day was it was the wakeup call to America and all Americans. The warning presented itself. The migration is in full force around the world today including those involved with Jihad as we know from the events such as Fort Hood. This was a terrorist attack by definition. “They” are here behind the scenes and yes they have a plan. Similar to the “Socialism” movement it is slowly moving into every corner of America. The plan is documented by the “Department of Defense” and public, it’s not a theory. Same as the ongoing “Socialist” movement they are moving into the education system, business and of course religion. They are recruiting under disguise of the “Good” Muslims and mix with the unsuspecting and gullible. Their goal is to take down the infidels’, us.

They, the “Socialist” and “Radical Islamic” are very real and here now. Both have a plan to “Fundamentally” transform the America that we have known throughout our history. This is an ever present threat that in the last four years has become very clear to many. The world at this moment is in flux and chaos and we have the power to make a difference. It all starts with knowledge and the old saying ”Know Thine Enemy” had never been more critical for America as it is today. Unfortunately there is a large population that has already been infected by the “Progressive Virus” or “Jihad Movement.” Some don’t even realize it, some of them you’ll never convince and are beyond the point of no return or worse true believers of a cause that may or may not be directly connected but influenced by one of the movements.

How this will play out is the question. It’s hard to imagine that the two agendas could ever mesh or coexist. They are not compatible with each other except in the taking down of our America as we know it. Our goal, our mission, our calling is to stop this motion. We must destroy and expose all of these movement agendas. How? By keeping our God given values present and by using the same tactics they have used, consistently and quietly, the art of war.


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