9/11 Benghazi – Just the Facts

9/11 Benghazi – Just the Facts by Callidora Beach

First I want to thank FOX News for being proactive in their reporting on the developing information from what has now been termed “BenghaziGate”. Without them the American people would be in the dark. The Mainstream media has done a terrible injustice to us all. In my opinion of course.

Facts that cannot be disputed are simple, although are getting lost and diluted in the new material appearing.

FACT: Since the original 9/11 all of our foreign government interest and domestic government establishments go to a higher threat level on the anniversary day. Example Military and Federal buildings go on higher security awareness.

FACT: President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, and others knew within hours, if not minutes, that an attack had occurred or was occurring. Anything or anyone stating otherwise is a falsehood. If they did not know then we have a much more serious problem at hand, the total breakdown of the Administration’s hierarchy.

FACT: Knowing that an attack had taken place President Obama and Hillary Clinton immediately blamed a video that had been accessible to the entire world since July 2012. They and all of the others associated with the Obama administration carried that dialog up until the FACTs began to leak. They knew within 24 hours or less that it had been a TERRORIST attack by Islamic extremist.

FACT: There was time to respond. There have been excuses made, fingers pointed, facts disputed. There was time to respond. Panetta has tried to blow it off by his off remarks of Others Quarterbacking and the FOG of War. This is all nonsense and anyone with a military background knows it. The general public not so much. Love him or hate him Rumsfeld stated it best; “War is always a fog, you never know what you’re getting into… you just do it, that’s what you do.” Of course he is not the only high profile military “quarterback” to say virtually the same thing. Bottom-line, support could have been provided.

FACT: Excuses like we had to get “Libya” clearance doesn’t cut it in this case. I can’t recall who stated this but it rings clear… We save our people and explain to Libya later!” An outstanding question is why we are there, able to fly drones, have a known CIA post and need permission? The puzzle doesn’t fit. The reasoning is flawed.

FACT: It is well documented that the Benghazi compound had been attacked in the past and on that very day of the attack the Consulate expressed safety concerns. Hand in hand with this is the fact that it was well known that there were al-Qaeda training camps in the region. Undisputed.

The bottom-line; there was a failure followed by a cover up. All of the newer facts are indicating this. The President of the United States takes on all responsibility for our country. That’s the job. The facts have shown that President Obama has failed in doing his job for the American people in the worst possible way, Americans died. To this day it is still being suppressed by the mainstream media or “spun” by the current administration.

President Obama likens to coin the “Commander in Chief” title at his political convenience. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. His personal actions during and since this event occurred are beneath the title he so proudly pontificates. Our present troops, whom all take an oath to give their life for America, have been dishonored by these actions.  As a veteran, if I were in the service today, I would be not be able to call him my Commander in Chief. An awkward situation for those currently serving America’s military today. To our current military that are wondering…. I know I can speak for millions of Americans when I say “WE HAVE YOUR BACK.”

It is undisputed American bond; we leave no one behind. Remember the facts.

More to come…

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