BOOM~> 2007 DOD Analysis Warns of Muslim Brotherhood Network in U.S. #tcot


DOD Analysis Warns of Muslim Brotherhood Network in U.S.
Posted by Ryan Mauro On September 7, 2007

The Department of Defense has analyzed a Muslim Brotherhood document, dated May 22, 1991, entered into evidence as part of the Holy Land Foundation trial, entitled “Strategic Goals for North America Memorandum.” Here’s some highlights from the analysis:

“The first bullet is a clear threat statement of hostile intent while the second speaks to foreign agency to a transnational movement with stated objectives that overlap with al-Qaeda’s. When assessing members who belong to organizations known to be identified with the Muslim Brotherhood, the inference should be that their designated leaders have knowledge of its identified roles and missions. It is not reasonable to do otherwise.

The strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America is multifold: the destruction of Western civilization through a long-term civilization-killing Jihad from within (“by their [our] hands”) and through sabotage (“the hands of the believers”) and, secondly; to support the global Islamic movement to establish an Islamic super-state, the caliphate. ”

The analysis also includes a list of organization that the Muslim Brotherhood document identifies as “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” These include ICNA, ISNA, MSA, NAIT, IAP and others.

The analysis also criticizes the Justice Department for co-sponsoring a conference with ICNA in August 2007 despite the pleas of Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Congresswoman Sue Myrick.

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